Abu Dhabi Week Garden Festival

Abu Dhabi 32nd Plantation Week held between the 4thand the 8th March 2012 at the Domes and Khalifa Park and was organised by Turret Media on the behalf of the Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The Abu Dhabi Week Plantation hosted 15 exhibitors/institutions: Community Police, Zayed Agricultural Center, Agricultural Sector, Khalifa Award for Date Palm, Palm Seedling Laboratory at the UAE University in addition to a number of companies specialised in the agricultural field who came together to showcase their products during the event. Furthermore, the event was a great opportunity for consumers to meet local farmers but moreover for children to participate in educational activities aimed at raising awareness about the importance of planting, conserving trees & agricultural wealth, protecting and maintaining facilities of UAE patrimony.

The 2012 Plantation Week event welcomed many visitors who came to participate in the excitement and joy of the various cultural activities at the event.

A total of 6,000 flowers, setting the UAE largest flower flag, were planted in dedication to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the UAE. More than 15,000 flowers and 1,500 palm trees were planted and given out to the children.

Plantation Week provided the appropriate mix of family entertainment and business opportunities to create an exciting event and looks forward to having an even bigger family plantation week in 2014.